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Botanical Wax Freshener

Botanical Wax Freshener

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Our Botanical Scented Wax Fresheners add a gentle touch of effortless aroma around your home for up to 6 weeks. Ideal for use to scent small areas such as hanging in a wardrobe, cupboards, small toilets, Porch or a small bedroom. They offer a dual purpose, once the fragrance starts to diminish you can remove the ribbon, metal rings and simply break it up and use as a traditional wax melt on a suitable wax burner to continue to enjoy the beautiful fragrance within your home!

Each wax freshener is intricately hand decorated with real dried flowers so each one is unique and no two are the same. They make lovely little gifts and come nestled in a box and wrapped in our branded greaseproof paper.

Please note that they come in two shapes both measuring approximately 9cm x 5cm and you may receive either one of the shapes.

Once you have hung your freshener up, give it a couple of days to diffuse its aroma. Please note these products should be kept in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight and contact with surfaces such as walls, furniture and clothing. All products are handcrafted and designs may vary.


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