Notes of:

    Lemon | Lime | Neroli | Musk

    Imagine filling your home with the invigorating aroma of this coastal paradise, creating an atmosphere that instantly uplifts your mood and transports you to a place of relaxation and serenity.


    Notes of:

    Muguet | Jasmine | Sandalwood

    A rich warming fragrance opening with fruity nuances leading to a heart of muguet and exotic jasmine resting on a base of vanilla, tonka and sandalwood. 

  • DUSK

    Notes of:

    Sandalwood | Frankincense | Myrrh

    Embrace the nightfall with this grounding and deeply relaxing essence. A complex fragrance that's sweet and woody but balanced well with creamy sandalwood.


    Notes of:

    Peach | Jasmine | Orris

    A truly sophisticated feminine fragrance. Inspired by and smells similar to Chanel No.5 perfume.


    Notes of:

    Ripened Figs | Cassis | Raspberry Leaf

    The juicy sweetness, woody and fresh notes perfectly mingle with each other, this beautifully balanced fragrance turns any space into a beguiling setting.


    Notes of:

    Honey | Tonka | Sandalwood

    This dark, sophisticated and powerful fragrance offers an unexpected sultry aroma with notes of crushed tobacco leaf softened by the gentle sweetness of honey.


    Notes of:

    Geranium | Rose | Lily | Patchouli

    A truly irresistible clean laundry inspired fragrance perfect for those spring cleaning days or everyday!


    Notes of:

    Oriental orange blossom | Bergamot | Musk

    This unique scent is inspired by the embodiment of a seductive, alluring female Persian odalisque. An unexpected aroma perfect for an evening of decadence & pleasure.


    Notes of:

    Orange | Cinnamon | Cloves

    Our most loved Autumn and Winter scent. A truly magical fragrance offering the perfect balance of spice and zest.


    Notes of:

    Black plum | Green Apple | Rhubarb

    A vibrant mouth-watering fruity scent that gives an instant sweetness. If you enjoy fruity fragrances then you'll find this irresistible.

  • POIRE (Pear & Freesia)

    Notes of:

    French Pear | Rose | Freesia

    Ripe succulent french pear blended with an intense freshness of white freesia and wild rose. A truly delicious aroma perfect for any interior space.


    Notes of:

    Smoky Tonka Bean | Myrrh | Amber

    A luxurious resinous scent of many facets. A warm powdery indulgence - earthy smoky tonka bean with a slight hint of almond. A well balanced rich profile with a velvety amber base.


    Notes of:

    Citrus | Vetiver | Moss | Musk

    An exquisitely blended fragrance that'll help to evoke the perfect ambiance for ultimate calm, order and a moment of reflection. A very fresh and clean scent.